Holly Springs Arts Council

It is with a heavy-heart that we have disbanding the Holly Springs Arts Council as of June 30, 2017.

When I started the Holly Springs Arts Council in October of 2011, we gathered together with a wish and desire to promote the Arts within the Holly Springs area. Those first few meetings brought ideas and a Board of Directors was formed. We carved out our Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Goals. We were striving for awareness, volunteerism, cultural diversity, membership, leadership, collaboration and financial viability. The Town of Holly Springs and Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce met us with open arms and encouraged entrepreneurial spirit and we had a common goal and direction.

The past five years we have participated with every event in Holly Spring where we could share our message, these included the Farmer’s Market, HollyFest, Main Street Christmas, Cancer Survivor’s Art evening and Grapes Grains and Giving. We started many programs for our Members, including, ‘pARTnership’ Grants to Holly Spring Arts Instructors, Art ‘round Town and Monthly Meetup. We had acquired several-years worth of grant monies from United Arts Council Raleigh and the Town of Holly Springs. All money has been put back into Holly Springs and the promotion of the Arts.

Our largest event we co-hosted with the Town of Holly Springs was the Community Arts Festival. This event was a week of local Art, free art classes, student artwork, arts & crafts show and Gala Fundraiser which brought a unique performance to Holly Springs.

We had a turn-over of Board Members the past two years and our direction had waivered. I also lost my passion for the HSAC – which once was a joy, was now an another unpaid job. The Arts climate has changed in Holly Springs too. Under new direction/management, the Cultural Center is producing some incredible shows, events, classes and Artist spotlights. Check them out!!!

My personal passion has changed too, as founder and Executive Director, I have devoted nearly six-years of service to the Holly Springs Arts Council and now I am taking time to be a resident of Holly Springs. As an artist I have restarted promoting my own artistic illustration work again.

I want to also Thank you all personally, from the bottom of my heart for your belief in me and my vision of the Arts in Holly Springs, we had a blast AND made a difference in Holly Springs!

Brenda Priest and the Board of Directors

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