Call To Artists Mother’s Day

***Event Cancelled***

We simply did not have enough artists apply to this event. We’ll try again in the fall.

Mother’s Day Shopping Spree at Mims Manormothers-day-mims

It is finally here, the long awaited finalized information on the Mother’s Day Shopping Spree,
Sunday May 4, 12-6pm at Historic Mims Manor, Holly Springs.  Vendor fee is $25.  You make 100% of the profit.  We are asking attendees to make a $5 donation to attend the show.  The Staff at Mims Manor is raising funds for renovations.  This is an INDOOR event no tents needed.

Please read the information carefully:

    1. 30 vendors, total
    2. We will allow vendors to sell similar things
    3. Handmade or semi-handmade items
    4. One community group to sell baked goods
      (please contact us directly to apply for this slot)
    5. One community group to sell hot/cold beverages
      (please contact us directly to apply for this slot)
    6. Fill out the form at for Mims vendors.  At this time we will collect your name, address, contact info and you will submit images of your sales items.  We will also collect $25 vendor fee at this time.  This is done via PayPal or credit card. We have limited electricity connections.  If you have a specific request, please make it know in your initial contact info.
    7. Space is very limited so only bring a 6′ table and chair.  If your table is over 6’ you will not be allowed to set up.  No refunds will be given.
    8. You MUST supply your NC Department of Revenue Sales Tax number when manumitting the application **
    9. Setup will begin at 10:30, breakdown will not begin until 6pm.
    10. No direct sales or MLM vendors
    11. A reminder email of any details will be sent a week before our event, with the fine details; parking, vendor location, set-up times.

**As required by the NC Department of Revenue, Sales and Use Tax:**

The state of North Carolina requires event organizers to maintain a list of sales and use registration certificates for all artists selling items at all our HSAC events. This is true whether

Click Here to Register

Click Here to Register

you live and/or are licensed in North Carolina or another state.

What information do I need to submit my application?

  • Your Social Security Number (SSN) or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), and North Carolina Secretary of State Number (SOS), if applicable
  • Your business name, address, phone number
  • Partner or Responsible Person, if applicable (name, title, SSN, address)
  • Details about your business (begin date, type of business, etc.)


  • it’s an all online process to make things easier
  • filing sales tax can be done quarterly and online as well, even for “0″ (zero) file quarters when no sales are made
  • you can register as a wholesale buyer and/or avoid paying sales tax on your art and craft supplies and business related supplies
  • you find a whole new set of tax write-offs when becoming a small business (especially as a sole-proprieter with a home-based business)
  • with smartphone apps like “Square,” calculating sales tax is pretty easy, collecting your sales reports is pretty easy as well (you can use it as a receipt/register system whether you take cash, checks, or credit cards).

Sure, it doesn’t seem like a fun process at all and, let’s face it, the NC DOR website isn’t the friendliest of online experiences, but once you get registered and get the hang of quarterly sales tax filing/payment, it really isn’t all that bad. Just takes a little courage to get started and make the commitment to your craft. And, remember, this isn’t just a requirement made by the HSAC/HS Cultural Center, this is a requirement that will affect all arts and crafts vendors shows across our state

You will need to bring a copy of your registration certificate to any art vendor event and be prepared to display it to a state or county official (if requested).

And you can register online at this site:

If you have any other questions about the process or requirements:


Department of Revenue contacts:


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