Rediscover the JOY of Writing

Rediscover the JOY of Writing

Guided Writing Coach Janet Kangas of Write It Out

Learn to use person writing to approach every day in a positive way.  Affirmative writing centers your focus on how you want to live.  We will use easy writing techniques to give you tools to create more joy in your life.

Wednesday, October 12, 10-12pm
Thursday, October 13, 6:30-8:30pm

Held at Holly Springs Coworking Station, 104 West Ballentine Street (former Police Station)

Cost $10

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Sponsored by the Holly Springs Arts Council and the Hope James Foundation


Do you have to be a good writer? No, you don’t have to be able to do anything more than write your thoughts on paper. There is no good or bad in this class, only creative expression.

Do I have to share my writing with the rest of the class? No. Many people choose to share their writing with the class, but you are not required to share.

Will there be constructive criticism or editing of my writing? No. This class is your personal journey. We won’t be editing anything.

Will we learn how to get our writing published? No. The writing we will do in this class is for your own personal expression, not publication.

What will we write about? We’ll discuss themes during the first class to find out what class members would like. Each week will have a theme such as memories, hopes and dreams, love and fear, family or travel. We will use a variety of writing methods such as journals, letters, poetry, lists, and other writing structures that will provide a frame for your work.

Can I write about whatever I want? You will be asked to write using the method assigned for the class, but you can write whatever you want using that method. For example, if the method is letter writing you can write a letter to anyone living or dead or even to yourself in the present, past or future. There will be a lot of flexibility in the assignments.

What if I miss a class? Each class will be self contained. If you miss a class, you can make up the assignment.  This is a non-refundable class.

What will I get out of this class? We hope that you will find joy in your writing and that you will find way to write your own journey.

Is there an age limit on the class? This class is for adults over age 18.

I have taken Janet’s course two times, and each was a unique and wonderful experience. Janet’s manner is gentle and respectful. She encourages self-exploration within an artistic environment, and she has creative ideas for digging deep and putting one’s thoughts and feelings on paper. She helps even the most reticent soul find his or her voice. I highly recommend this class. ~ Nicole P.

I really enjoyed Janet’s “Write It Out” class which I attended last year. I found her guidance and thought provoking questions a wonderful guide to help the class to new levels of creativity and understanding of themselves. Through answering Janet’s questions on paper most of us had some revelations about ourselves. She provided assistance in exploring some sensitive subjects that brought about the start of understanding of some of our feelings and blockages to writing. Janet’s calm manner fostered a feeling of fellowship with those sharing the class. ~ Elaine E.

A friend of mine recommended I try the Writing to Heal class after my sister passed away. Gentle and encouraging, Janet provided a place to meet others who had suffered a loss and explore my creative side through a variety of writing activities. I looked forward to each class and seeing what Janet had in store for us. Through poetry and many other types of writing, we had the opportunity to share our work and our journey in life. ~ Rachel C.

Write It Out
Janet Kangas is a lifelong writer and editor. She is a published children’s author and worked for many years as a journalist. She believes that writing your personal journey is a way to heal your heart and soul. Soothing Your Soul is one of several classes that she offers. Other classes include Memoir Writing and Journal Writing.